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Arguments in the disciplinary procedure or appeal for revision against the resolution as regards traffic

What does it allow?

The process consists of presenting arguments in the disciplinary procedure, motion for resolution or informal appeal against the resolution of the process as regards traffic.

Who can apply for it?

The holder of the expedient against whom the administration act is addressed to.

Request period

The request periods are stated in the respective notification, being the following:

  • In the notification of the complaint, you can file allegations against the traffic complaint, with the contribution and / or proposal of the evidence that you deem appropriate, within a period of 20 calendar days following the notification of this complaint.
  • In the notification of the concession agreement for the trial period, you have 10 days to provide the procedure with all those tests that you believe are necessary for your defense. 
  • In the notification of the proposed sanction, you have a period of 15 calendar days, in which the sanctioning file is at your disposal, so that you can file your opinion and / or provide documents that you consider suitable for your defense.
  • In the notification of the sanctioning resolution, you may file an appeal for reversal within a period of one month from the day after the notification of this resolution.

Procedure channel

On-site: You can present the document at any of Base-Gestió d’Ingressos offices.

Postal Mail: You can send the model by postal mail:

You can also carry out this procedure through the Electronic Headquarters BASE (with digital certificate).

Standard model

Required documentation

  • Standard model. Its use is optional, but if you do not use it, the document will have to collect all the data required. 
  • Accreditation of the identification of the applicant and the legal representative (if any), through the documentation in force. 
  • Documentation proving the legal representation, if applicable. 
  • If you need more space to write information you can use the form 902 Model.

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