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Driver identification

What does it allow?

The identification of the person driving the vehicle object of the complaint must be made within the term of the 20 calendar days following notification of the requirement.

Identification can also be made, in those cases that are not legally binding, at the same time after the notification of the complaint. Ex: unlawful parking violations.

Who can benefit from them?

  • The person to whom the requirement / complaint is addressed.


  • File the processing model M-250-Driver identification.
  • Convey the model with the necessary documentation, if aplicable.


  • Art. 11.a of Royal Legislative Decree 6/2015, of October 30, which approves the Revised Text of the Law on Traffic, motor vehicle traffic and road safety.

Processing channel

On-site: You can present the document at any of Base-Gestió d’Ingressos offices.

Postal Mail: You can send the model by postal mail:

You can also carry out this procedure through the Electronic Headquarters BASE (with digital certificate).

Standardized models

Required documentation

  • Accreditation of the identification of the applicant and the legal representative (if any), through the documentation in force.
  • Documentation proving the legal representation, if applicable. 
  • If you need more space to write information you can use the form Model 902.
  • It is mandatory that you consign the driver's license or license number that allows the identification in the Register of Drivers and Offenders. If the driver is not registered, you must have a copy of the administrative authorization that enables the driver identified to drive to Spain, which you must attach to this request. In the event that the owner is a vehicle rental company without a driver, you must attach a copy of the rental agreement.

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